Computer Woes

Okay,  what do you think?

Here’s my first dilemma.   My laptop is in the shop and there is a very real possibility that the mother board is shot.   If this is the case,  a new laptop may be on the horizon.

I’m faced with the prospect of sticking with my very familiar windows operating system or switching to Mac.   Any thoughts on this would be appreciated.

Dilemma number two has to do with writing strategies.   When your computers are not at your disposal for a length of time what do you do to keep going? Do you write by hand? Voice recorder? Research?   All of the above? After wallowing in my recent computer woes,  I am finding myself with pencil in hand. Writing stuff down the good old fashioned  way.  What are your thoughts?

Author S. M. Nystoriak posted from WordPress for Android

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