Baby Steps into The 21st Century

As my Twitter followers know, I tweeted yesterday that my home has finally entered the 20th century.  Yes, I mean the 20th century.  You see, the cable company has finally brought service to my house!  This is not a joke, folks.  It is 100% true.

Since the 1980’s, all of my neighbors have had the luxury of the modern technology which is cable.  And yes, I realize that FiOS and other things are now available to certain markets as well.  But cable…here… Well, I just never thought I would see the day.

Year in and year out, I would call cable to find out if perhaps things had changed, and that they might be able to service our home after all.  And every year it was the same response.  No dice.

Because of this, we have been satellite television viewers since the late 90’s, because if we didn’t have that we would be luck to get three networks.  That has all been great.  And with the switch from analog TV to digital all around, I was doubly glad.  For once we were the ones with the working technology.  Nothing to buy to get us up to snuff.

You can imagine my shock when the representative gave me the news that they had deemed our home serviceable…OMG!  And the best part of yesterday’s cable installation was the addition of my 21st century technology:  Internet service through cable.

Through the years, we have run the gamut with internet service.  Dial up internet in the 90’s and 2000’s when everyone else at least had DSL.  Then came the satellite internet, which freed up our phone lines, but was not much faster and had a hefty price tag and many limitations, to a 3g mi-fi device, which made me feel like I died and went to heaven (but was very expensive), and finally this.  I am thrilled, to say the least.

My son remarked yesterday that he couldn’t believe how things had changed since we first had the dial-up internet.  I replied, “Baby steps.”

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