Inspiration: It’s a Magical Thing

S.M. Nystoriak's Writer's Block

It’s time, ladies and gentlemen.  Another blog post, this time about  inspiration.  And in that sentiment, I thought I would write another Flashback Time Machine segment, featuring a flashback to an inspirational time in my own life.  Here we go!

This is me:

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When I first set out to write my latest novel, I realized that the inspiration had come from a trip I had taken, nearly twenty years ago.  I could never have known back then the vacation that I took in my twenties, would have led me here.

Allow me to explain.

I was always the kid at school who romanticized about living in castles, travelling by foot down cobblestone streets, sitting at an outdoor café, even though I didn’t drink coffee (at the time), I couldn’t wait to discover what a crumpet was.  I was that kid in school who adored learning languages, and the thought of travelling…

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