Music in the Writer’s World

I just tweeted this question:  If you’ve written a book, who/what would be on the soundtrack?

I am, as many of you know, a musician.  I have a very varied interest in music, and my iPod has about as an eclectic mix of music as you can get.  I interview a lot of authors on this blog, and one question I always try to get around to is about music.

How about you?  Does music play a role in your creative process?  Do the character’s in your stories have musical tastes they’d be willing to share?  The world is dying to know!!!

I’ll go first…This’ll be fun!

The MC in my latest novel, Hans, is a pianist and Beethoven fan, so he would definitely have some of that on his iPod.  But he would also have some indie rock as well, and some Diana Krall.  Here are some things I think Hans would have listened to on his long flight across the Atlantic:

Beethoven Moonlight Sonata, Movement 1: 

Metric, Youth Without Youth: 

Diana Krall, Fly Me To The Moon: 

Now, it’s your turn!!!  I’d love to hear from you!  Let me know what music speaks to you or your characters!

8 comments on “Music in the Writer’s World

  1. garthswright says:

    I am currently outlining a new novel that I hope to create a soundtrack to go along with the book (with all original music). I’m looking into a Folk/Filk music crossover.


  2. Sara McBride says:

    The Waltz! But the waltz was very scandalous during the time of my current novel, 1802, however my characters all secretly wish they could dance so closely. His hand on her waist – shocking!


  3. nikolavukoja says:

    Susan, you know me but this might surprise you…
    Almost everything I write (even my current WIP which is based on Jane Austen’s P&P) I hear AC/DC, Chilli Peppers & Creed. Oh and just to confuse the bejesus out of everyone, I hear this mixed with things like Gregorian Chants, Eminem & Croatian Folk/Rock singer Thompson…And for my MC Marica a little bit of Alanis Morissette to boot!
    Yep! my music is hard and vocal and full of angst just as my characters are… I guess that’s why I like to write them 🙂


    • smnystoriak says:

      Actually the only one that surprises me is the AC/DC! Marica’s character screams Alanis Morisseette! I tend to channel Indie/Alternative music. Muse has been a big influence on me, compositionally.


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