In Praise of Query Contests and a PSA

Very well said! As a writer in the trenches, this really hits home!

This is the Book I Can't Stop Thinking About

I love writing contests, pitch contests, twitter contests, the like. I loved participating when I was looking for an agent and I love watching them now that I have an agent.

I’ve done several: Miss Snark’s First Victim, Query Kombat, two rounds of twitter pitch parties, Writeoncon, and finally #Pitchmadness.

I love them because they bring writers together to cheer each other on. You can find critique partners (waves at Lex Martin, Amy Pine and Megan Erickson — hello Writeoncon 2013!), you discover amazing other authors who become your friends on Twitter and might beta read for you, you refine your pitching skills, and sometimes, you can find an agent.

I did. The marvelous Carly Watters of P.S. Literary found me thanks to #Pitchmadness and the countless people who sifted through entries and hosted us on your blog. (See more in a blog post I…

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