Secret Agent Bunny Masks – Can you guess the Agent hiding behind the Mask?

NestPitch is coming soon! Get those pitches ready!!!


Time to reveal the Bunny Masks! 

How this works:bunnyegg  present 1

Each of the agents has taken on a Secret Agent Bunny Mask and your job is to identify who is wearing which Mask. (you’ll find the Agent List here: )

There’s an Amazon Voucher in it for the first correct answer.  For more info, go to:

For those who haven’t been watching/listening carefully, this is how #nestpitch will work.  On April 1st, you will send us your pitch + 300.  Go to here: for all the rules and conditions, and please follow the rules.

Then our Awesome Super-Cala-Fragile-Istic team of Slush Bilbies will pick the top 100-odd.  For more information on the Slush Bilibies, go to here: bilby 4

From there our Scrum-didle-iumptious Team of Bloggers will each pick their favourite pitches to post on their blogs.  The selected pitches will be notified via email also. …

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