4 comments on “Is the ability to create great Art in our Genes or our Perseverance?

  1. joylennick says:

    A fascinating article. Self belief also helps…Artists/writers often struggle with it, as did I. I still do but am now much older so just ‘go for it.’ Being a voracious reader, I know I will never reach the dizzying heights of some writers but then I read a so-so book and think well mine wasn’t so bad after all! They are ‘levels’ in everything and the best we can do as ‘artistes’ is never to stop being as good as we can, strive and learn until we die.

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    • smnystoriak says:

      Love the comment, Joy. The arts can never be mastered. What makes an artist could be the genes that give the person the desire to keep striving toward that goal. Thanks for stopping by!


  2. Elizabeth Baker says:

    I am impressed by the blogger’s marketing skills. I am teaching a reading class for foreign exchange students at PSUC. It’s got me only toes again. We can’t make it to your event this weekend. My greetings to everyone. Have a great year! Your energy is in full force.


    • nikolavukoja says:

      Hi Betsy,
      I’m Nikola and I run the Nestpitch Blog.
      Thanks for your comments. To be honest, that old saying of “Necessity is the mother of invention” was never more true for me. Once I found the courage to actually put myself out there, it became easier.

      If you’re making notes, the one thing I will add is, don’t be pushy. For example, the shops/businesses I visited, I simply walked in said “hi” told them I was having an exhibition and was offering a discount – and did not push it. 99% simply smiled and said thank you but a few people asked me questions and I recall several of those people attending opening night.

      Hi also to Joylen.
      I’m glad you liked the post and got something from it.

      And thanks again to Susan for re-blogging ❤


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