Big News!

excited doggie

Hello Readers!

I have used this picture in a previous post about my excitement as I finished a first draft of my latest novel.  BUt I do have reason to use it again!

As reported in my last post, “Best Birthday Month…Ever!”, I mentioned that one of my short stories was selected to be included in an anthology.  Here are the details as I know them!  Release date:  June 21, just in time for the start of Summer!  I cannot wait!  Follow this link for the official announcement!

Thank you, Readers, for your interest and support!

2 comments on “Big News!

  1. joylennick says:

    So pleased for you. Wish it all the best of luck. I belong to an excellent group called WordPlay and we publish a few anthologies per year. Present one based on Song Titles, the next one (I’m host writer) will be about ‘Food Glorious Food,’ we have one ongoing for children, and the last one about believing in Father Christmas….They’re great fun and very popular. Best wishes

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