Writerly Advice: Taking Time For Reflection

Hello Readers!

As the days of Summer drift away and the nights become longer, I find myself in a reflective mood.  As an introspective person by nature, I reflect a lot.  A LOT!  I suspect that many of us are like that.  It seems to come with the territory of life within the creative arts.  Stopping to think about the many aspects of my creative life is therapeutic at its most basic, but more importantly, it provides a basis for confidence and improvement in my craft.

Do you take the time to reflect on the good stuff that has happened in your writing life, or just the bad and the ugly?  It’s easy to dwell on the negative stuff.  We all know, as writers we get enough of that.  But I challenge you to think for a bit on the positive.  It’s allowed, and I dare say it can work wonders.

Last May, I arguably had my “Best Birthday Month Ever”.  It truly was amazing!  Now, three months later, I still feel excited when I remember it, even though not too much has changed in my professional writing status.  That’s okay, because as I reflect back to that thirty-one day period of time, I know that a lot has changed within me as a writer.  I might be in something of a holding pattern at the moment, but thinking back fills me with a renewed confidence.  I am published in Summer Nights, a book of short stories, which is so amazing.  Although I haven’t signed a publishing contract for my novels or landed an agent yet, I have had a few recent requests.  I know that I am capable of creating something of interest and value to people outside of my family and close friends.

It is important for writers to take the time for reflection.  Look back periodically and remember something that gave you validation along your road to publication.  And while much of the path to publishing has us waiting on information, taking the time to reflect on those positive and rewarding things which have brought you to where you are today can be a real source of inspiration. It is pulling me through.

As a special treat, here is a song to get you in the spirit as well 🙂

What awesome writerly things do you reflect upon?  Do you find inspiration from your critique partner?  A full request from an agent or editor?  How about a blogger, or even an interesting hashtag?  Perhaps you got some great feedback at a conference a while back.  Did you enter an online contest?  What can you reflect on to give you a boost to keep pushing forward?   Feel free to comment below!

2 comments on “Writerly Advice: Taking Time For Reflection

  1. joylennick says:

    Yet another interesting and reflective article Susan. Congrats on your ‘Summer Nights’ short story. Like so many other artistic souls, I would say that you and I both have ink and words running in our veins, alongside the blood…Looking back, it took me a long time to accept the description ‘writer’ let alone ‘author.’!! How could I be in face of such geniuses as Charlotte Bronte and Charles Dickens, et al? We all need validation and it doesn’t rush forward for recognition; it’s a hard slog.You have years ahead of you to learn, digest and prove yourself, and I’m sure you will…(we’re both Taureans!) Although I’m an ‘ancient’ I still love the learning process as much. It’s exciting and the stuff of life. I’m a Brit and us Brits don’t seem to have as many ‘critique partners’ as American writers. I wonder why that is? My eldest son is an artist and ‘closet writer’ (Jason) and has just ‘come out.’ His latest blog is about ‘Dreams and doing’: http://t.co/yJJo6WaXYavia@wordpressdotcom Onwards upwards…..

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    • smnystoriak says:

      Thank you, Joy! I think it’s important, as with all creative arts, that everyone’s voice is unique. It’s almost impossible to compare ones self to a Bronte or a Dickens, but we should be confident enough to say we may have been inspired by them. As far as crit partners go, mine are online. I can’t seem to find any local ones around here, lol! I will read your son’s post. I am always looking for ways to be inspired 🙂

      Enjoy your day!


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