Growing Up “Star Wars”

The Force Awakens.

Episode 7 of a series that pervaded my thoughts as a child.

I was six when A New Hope was released.  I remember it so clearly.  My parents had gone out with friends to see it in the theater.  The next morning, they told me all about it, and said they would take me to see it the next day.

I didn’t know what Star Wars was, but they assured me that my cousin Dave and I would love it.  Hey, any time I got to go to the movies as a kid was awesome.  We piled into the car the next afternoon to see a Star Wars matinee at the Twin Cinemas.  After we got our popcorn and waited for the previews to be over, it began.

The music:  Captivating.  The opening text disappearing into the galaxy with words that I was too young to read and understand fast enough:  Somehow perfect.  It didn’t matter that I couldn’t read it though, because within the first two minutes, I was already hooked.

Droids, battles, a handsome kid, a beautiful princess, a sarcastic space cowboy.  To me, that six-year-old kid who knew nothing of the story prior, this film became my world.  My cousins and I (I have no siblings) would act out Star Wars scenes every chance we got.  We dreamed about wielding light saber’s and using the Force to move objects.  I wanted to own a Millennium Falcon toy in the worst way.

This was a franchise which defined many a childhood.  I know I wasn’t alone in that sentiment.  I had comic books, trading cards,  coloring books, posters, figurines, etc.  I couldn’t get enough.  Neither could my friends.

And did I mention the music???  When I was ten, Empire was released (my favorite!).  I had records of John Williams magnificent score, and my friend and I would listen for hours.  We were budding musicians at the time, and we would hack away at learning to play the melodies to the Imperial March and Yoda’s Theme by ear.  Today there are all kinds of digitally downloadable versions of film music to play, but back then, it was near impossible.  Good times!

As I reminisce about “growing up Star Wars”, I am faced with the release of Episode 7.  I have avoided reading too much about it, because, if possible, I want to experience this with young eyes again.  The fact that the original stars are featured makes me giddy enough!

Can. Not. Wait.

Who’s with me?  What are you most excited about with the release of The Force Awakens?  Did any of you “Grow Up Star Wars”?  Let me know in the comments!

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