Spring Cleaning 2016


Hello Readers!

This is the time of year that many people take to the broom closets and cleaning supplies as they rid their homes of a winter’s-worth of dirt and dust.  Yesterday, I spent Easter with the family and did a little bit of cleaning (not deep enough to be called “Spring Cleaning”, but it afforded me a change to take a look at many things I had accumulated.

Some of the things I found simply needed to be placed neatly away.  Others needed tossing, and still others, unfinished house projects which were at various stages of completion, needed to be places on a schedule for completion.  It feels good to go through that stuff and bring order to our crazy lives.

Cleaning and taking stock in these things also reminds me to take stock in my writerly life.  Last year, I spent a while looking through my old blog posts, and organize them into categories.  This year I find myself looking at my other writing output.  Like the clutter in my home, I discovered a few poetry pieces that needed to be categorized on my computer for easy access, unfinished  short stories and novels, some in the idea-gathering phase, which were put at the forefront of the to-be-done folder, and a few throw-away documents which needed to be cleared from my desktop.

I also glanced at my blog posting output, and while I am extremely pleased and gratified by the stuff we talk about on here, my posting schedule has been less than regular lately.  There is a reason for that…I’ll be clearing that all up really soon!

So in the meantime, I will be working on some unfinished projects trying to continue to clear away some of the writerly clutter.  I hope you all enjoy all of the joys that Spring can bring, and as you declutter, you find some gems!

Happy Spring!

One comment on “Spring Cleaning 2016

  1. joylennick says:

    Thanks for that, Susan,. A gentle reminder to do likewise…Have a fruitful Spring/Summer.

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