Write What You Love, Love What You Write


Here in the Northeast, we still have school for another week and a half before kids are released for Summer vacation.  But, Summer vacation is upon us!  What does that mean for the writer in me?

Well, I no longer have to get up at 5:00 a.m…though I probably will anyway, so I can get my writing on!  It also means, that I can finally get to finishing up some writerly projects.  Some of you may have seen that I was recently able to finish up my latest draft of Misty Dawn and Violet, and it is now in the hands of my agent!  That is a great feeling!!!

This Summer, I plan to finish up another.  Just one.  Not sure which manuscript it’ll be, yet, but no matter which of my projects I choose to delve into, I can tell you that I am giddy with anticipation.

I have had several unfinished projects hanging over my head for quite a while, and I need to complete one of them.  Again, just one.  It may sound like my hovering projects are actually chores.  They aren’t.  I know this, because recently I took one out to take stock of where I last was at with it.  I can tell you that when I read through my work, I got chills.  Not chills up my spine because I had written a thriller, but the warm kind of chills, from getting to spend time with the people and places I had begun writing about quite a while back.  My characters.  My storylines.

I love them.  I miss them, and it’s time for them to come back into my life.

write what you love

The saying, “Write what you love, love what you write,” has never meant more to me.  Those unwritten stories and characters came to me back then, because I wanted to read about them, and they didn’t exist elsewhere.  And it excites me knowing that Summer vacation is just around the corner, affording me the opportunity to vacation with ALL of my loved ones; friends and family, and literary loved ones, too.  I already feel rejuvenated and inspired to turn my mere words into prose.  I’ll be sharing updates along the way, too, so you can follow along this journey with me.

How do you plan to spend your Summer?  Any writerly things on the horizon for you? Connect with me in the comments below!


4 comments on “Write What You Love, Love What You Write

  1. A lovely, inspiring post 🙂 And yes, we should all write what we love! Who cares if what i love writing (paranormal romance) is not seen as trendy or publishable – I’ll write it anyway!! 🙂


  2. joylennick says:

    Hi Susan, I do admire anyone who works hard – as you do – and looks forward to writing with such enthusiasm. I believe it shows in your work…so crack that whip! Still whipping up a market for WHERE ANGELS & DEVILS TREAD (a collaborative s.story collection with excellent writer Jean Wilson). Then it’s on with a book of humour, and (spare me!) a more serious novel. Good luck over the holidays.Best wishes. Joy x

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    • smnystoriak says:

      Thank you, Joy! And best of luck with the marketing. And I look forward to your humour book!!! Love it! It’s really difficult to not sit and crank out a story that is begging to be told when it wants to be told, but now that I will have some time to do it, it’s like spending Summer vacation with old friends. Can’t wait!


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